Veterans receive congratulations

May 29, veterans of the customs service traditionally accepted the congratulations of veterans of the customs service.

Veterans day customs service is a celebration of those who dedicated their lives to the fight against smuggling, protection of economic interests of the country, creation of the infrastructure of a modern customs service.

29 may in all customs bodies of the Russian customs heard greetings, words of gratitude addressed to the veterans. Those who are still in the ranks, and those who are retired.

The leadership of the Pskov customs congratulates veterans of the customs service. Wishes of good health, professional success and are directed to veterans of all regional customs departments. Those who in different years he served in the Pskov customs, and today stands guard over the country’s economic interests in other regions of our country.

In the Pskov customs 209 persons awarded by a breastplate “Veteran of the customs service”. Speaking of dry figures, 14 percent of the numerical composition of the Pskov customs officers serving in customs authorities for more than 20 years.

Veterans of the customs service generously share their knowledge and experience with younger generation customs. Service in customs bodies has a rich past, dynamic present and bright future. Among the veterans of the customs service a lot of mentors and leaders. Among them:

Angelica L. Of Poti

For many of the officers of customs, the chief organizational-analytical Department, Angelica L. of Poti, despite a solid career path, and stayed with Angela – a young girl, who came to Pskov customs in 1992. In the workbook Angelica one single entry place of work – the Pskov customs. All his working life it is in customs. Many years in the organizational-analytical Department. Last year, headed this division. No one ever heard from the lips of Angelique’s words with raised voices, anger and discontent. Navigate the reports, statements, tables and plans, protocols, keep in mind all this vast array of information not everyone is capable of. Always collected, Executive, good-natured Angelica L. – a true expert in their field.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Grebenkov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Grebenkov in customs bodies since January 1995. Started in the Pechora customs. 23 was carried out customs clearance and customs control of goods and vehicles at customs posts. On account of his repeated suppression of attempts of illegal movement of weapons, cultural values, currency. In 2019 moved on to an equally important and challenging area of work. Today Vladimir heads one of divisions, “rear direction”. Proactive, always in motion, Vladimir sits on the site. Nothing escapes from his master’s sight. Everything should be in order: communications, administrative buildings, furniture; everything must function flawlessly.

Yuri Zuev

Head of Department of administrative investigations Zuev Yury Alekseevich started his douaniers since October 1992, also in the Pechora customs. From 1992 to 1997 he served at the customs post of checkpoint Pechory-Pskov, was designed for freight and passenger trains. Until 2015, he served in the Department of administrative customs investigation. 2015 returned to customs clearance. Yuri served in the position of replacement of the Deputy chief of the customs office. In 2017, he headed the Department of administrative investigations. Over the years Yuri Zuev has repeatedly been a mentor for young officers. Among his students grew more than one generation of professional customs lawyers. The authority of the head unit is in the strict implementation of its orders, respect and desire to learn from him.

Irina Stanislavovna Shamarina

The customs authorities Irina Stanislavovna since 1995. Their “customs history” Irina Stanislavovna started as receptionist, head of customs. In Department of documentary maintenance and protection of information worked on all phases of records management. When it it fully developed, passed to the customs post. There are new challenges and new successes. Over the years of excellent service Irina Stanislavovna exercised control over the temporary import of cars, vehicles of international transportation; re-control of the passenger customs declarations, customs receipts, customs receipts. Smiling, polite Irina Stanislavovna – an example to follow. With her comfortable to work around, she radiates positivity. All life learns and teaches others. Does not teach and teaches and helps to say about her colleagues.

Andrey I. Nazarenko

Nazarenko, Andrey Ivanovich, Deputy head of the customs post MAPP Burachki (removable) on the Russian-Latvian border is the customs authorities since 1995. In the employment record of Andrei Ivanovich – the long years of service at customs posts. Andrei Ivanovich – the specialist of high qualification, responsible leader, a man of words and deeds.

A common feature of all veterans of the customs service is responsiveness. At any time, despite the lack of time, they will come to the aid of their colleagues. All veterans of the customs service awarded medals “For service in customs bodies” of three degrees, was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the North-Western customs administration and Federal customs service.

Veterans – the Golden Fund of the ensemble.