Ussuriysk customs: about the situation at checkpoints and Border Kraskino in Primorsky Krai

13 April 2020 regulatory authorities of the Chinese side adopted on the entry of Russia to the checkpoint Hunchun 16 cargo vehicles passing through the checkpoint Kraskino checkpoint, and the checkpoint Suifenhe 15 trucks passed through the Border checkpoint. It is at times less bandwidth these checkpoints.

The change of pace of access control from China due to the tightening by the Chinese authorities of measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

13 April 2020, the Chinese side took heavy until 18:00 (Vladivostoka time). In view of the situation in China to the Russian border crossing points formed a queue of loaded and empty goods vehicles and trailers, abandoned by the drivers of large trucks.

The transport arrived at the Russian checkpoint with the appropriate documents in a timely manner is made the border, then the customs service upon departure to China, and in the opposite direction. Given the throughput capacity of border crossing points, as well as the mode of operation of the Chinese side of the Ussuri customs officers are ready to issue all the vehicles at the arrival and Russian checkpoints.

Ussuriysk customs recommends the drivers of heavy vehicles to arrive to the checkpoint only after the receipt of the decision of customs body about release of the goods and registration of necessary documents for travel, and thus do not obstruct other drivers.


Bandwidth checkpoint Kraskino per day is 48 vehicles in both directions (24 – from Russia, 24 from China), MAPP Border – 100 vehicles in both directions (50 – from Russia, 50 from China).

Irina Kulchitskaya, a spokesman of the Ussuri customs,

phone: 8 (4234) 38 78 00