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Ekaterinburg customs officers have identified about 6,000 “branded” goods

Published: May 28, 2024 10:42

Officers of the Ekaterinburg customs office during an inspection of three retail outlets in the Sverdlovsk region found about 6,000 units of products with obvious signs of counterfeiting: headphones of a major American manufacturer of computer equipment, sneakers, hosiery and underwear of well-known foreign sports brands. According to the labels, all of the goods were made in China, Vietnam, Korea and Turkey.

Individual entrepreneurs were unable to confirm the fact of customs declaration of goods and to present the authorization of the right holder to put into circulation the products marked with trademarks. Counterfeit products, which, as a rule, are not safe, inspectors withdrew from sale. Their authenticity and market value will be established by an expert examination,” emphasized Dmitry Shishkin, Acting Head of Ekaterinburg Customs

If it is confirmed that it is a fake, the question of initiating administrative cases will be decided. The merchants may face fines and confiscation for violation of intellectual property rights

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