Urals Customs Administration

14 kg of cherry plums failed to pass customs control

Published: May 14, 2024 12:20 pm

14 kilograms of cherry plum were found by Tyumen customs officers in the luggage of an air passenger who arrived on a flight from Baku (Republic of Azerbaijan) to Nizhnevartovsk. The citizen was transporting the fruit plant without the necessary authorization documents

In accordance with the current legislation, import of regulated products for personal use by citizens staying from the Republic of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, without appropriate authorization documents is not allowed. According to the results of phytosanitary control it was decided to prohibit the import of this product to the territory of Russia“, – explained the head of the customs post Nizhnevartovsk Airport Tatyana Sergienko

All the goods were seized on the spot and further destroyed by Rosselkhoznadzor employees. On the fact of non-compliance with prohibitions and restrictions on the import of goods, a case of administrative offense under Article 16.3 of the Administrative Code of Russia was initiated against the man and a fine of 1,000 rubles was imposed

Maria Kudryashova, press secretary of the Tyumen Customs