Ulan-Ude customs post (CED) of the Buryat customs completes its activities

16 Jun 2020 Ulan-Ude customs post (the electronic Declaration center) stops its activities. This is due to the customs reform and the creation of electronic customs. From 16 June, the goods Declaration can be submitted in the centers of electronic Declaration of the far Eastern customs administration or other Cady subordinate to the FCS of Russia.

Ulan-Ude customs post (CED) was established in August 2016. During this time at the customs post issued more than 80 thousand returns. As of may 20, 2020 the Federal budget transferred about 47 billion rubles. The number of participants of foreign trade activities, carried out in this Declaration increased from 238 to 700. This contributed to the expansion of the scope of innovative technologies of remote release, which allowed traders to carry out customs Declaration regardless of the location of the goods.

Nicholas Frickel, acting first Deputy head of the Buryat customs notes the benefits that are possible for the traders with the introduction of electronic Declaration and functioning of the specialized customs post:

– The technology of remote release that CED uses in his work, has many advantages: optimization of the logistics when the item is in as close a location to the recipient and results in a cost reduction of the logistics component; reducing document for customs Declaration and inspection. To date, by submitting an electronic Declaration, electronic Declaration center, we can arrange the goods actually located in Moscow, in the Russian far East, etc.

Starting in 2017, the average time of issue of the export declarations for goods has decreased from 39 to 27 minutes. Today, more than 55% of the declarations are recorded in the automatic mode, about 7% of goods declarations are issued automatically.

The main export goods were wood, timber, aircraft, foodstuffs, consumer goods.

Import Cede declared spare parts to cars, planes, electrical appliances and parts for it, drugs, fluorspar, products of dolerite, granite, electrodes.

Along with the main task – completion of the budget, before officials Zada task was to identify unscrupulous traders who are looking to register their products in violation of the law, with the least cost to himself. On the revealed violations of the customs legislation, there had been 77 cases of administrative offenses. The most frequent were violations related to non-Declaration of goods and a statement of false information on the customs value of goods.

Evgeny Kurbatov

press Secretary of the Buryat customs

(3012) 289 078