Tyumen customs informs on electronic technologies in transit

In the region of the Tyumen customs has implemented the technology of automatic registration of electronic transit declarations (ETD).

Test of algorithm for automatic registration of ETD is carried out in respect of consignments transported by all types of transport, sent in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation and the customs bodies of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union.

Successful completion of the automatic check-in ETD is one of the conditions of the automated production of ETD. Currently, the technology of automatic release of the ETD in the Russian Federation is applied in 60 of the customs bodies defined as pilot areas. In the future this technology is planned to be implemented in all authorized customs authorities, including in the Tyumen customs.

The basis of successful completion of the algorithm of auto-registration and autopause ETD lies the correct filling of the transit Declaration prepare the appropriate package of electronic documents by the declarant or customs representative.

Obstacles to passage of auto-enrollment are:

– the lack of ETD information about the INN, KPP, OGRN declarant, the recipient (sender) and (or) carrier non-Russian entities;

– the failure of information about the INN of the declarant specified in the contract with the customs representative, was specified in the ETD;

– incorrect indication of details of the gross weight, the product code FEACN of the cu, the number of packages, packaging, number of vehicles, rooms in the main vehicle and (or) number of the trailer;

– lack of supporting documents in the electronic archive of the declarant (AAD) and (or) failure to pay in ETD document ID contained in EAD.

Currently for the successful completion of automated test release criteria that traders must provide instruction in a formalized form of transport (shipping) document, presented in electronic form, and are applied to ETD, information about the code of the customs body of destination and the place of delivery of goods.

Compliance by participants of foreign trade activities requirements for completion and submission of ETD will significantly simplify and accelerate the process of customs operations involving the placement of goods under the customs procedure of customs transit.

On all arising questions you can contact the legal Department of the Tyumen customs office (street Refrigerating, 58 d. A), pre-recorded on the consultation by phone 8 (3452) 597-239, 597-339. Consultations are free of charge.

Maria Tentacula, a press-the Secretary Tyumen customs