Tomsk customs stopped the illegal use of the trademark LADA

Tomsk customs office in 2019 prevented the introduction into circulation of counterfeit scarves and ties, marked by a trademark “LADA”. The importing company brought to administrative responsibility. 209 units of counterfeit products destroyed.

In the middle of last year, the customs Declaration has been lodged on textile products imported from China. Among them were 109 female scarves and neckties 100 women’s gray polyester marking “LADA”.

Well-known trademark “LADA” was in relation to a wide range of goods, including clothing and shoes. Its owner is the joint stock company “AVTOVAZ” (JSC “AVTOVAZ”).

To protect the trademark and identification when crossing the customs border of the cases of misappropriation of the franchisor in a timely manner has made it into the Customs register of intellectual property objects (TROIS).

Customs officers found evidence of the offense. The issue of these products were suspended, and the copyright holder is informed. He further stated the violation of their exclusive rights because of a license agreement for the right to use the trademark in the manufacture and sale of declared goods with importer was not. Did not provide OJSC “AVTOVAZ” and the company’s permission to enter the said goods in the civil turnover.

Illegal placement of a trademark is a sign of counterfeit goods. In addition, for illegal use of a trademark provides for administrative liability in accordance with part 1 of article 14.10 of the Russian code of administrative offences (Cao RF).

After the examination and comprehensive trial, the court rendered a decision on the appointment of the company an administrative fine in the amount of 50 000 rubles and the destruction of infringing goods without compensation.

For reference. Only in 2019 with the participation of officials of the Tomsk customs seized 3 089 units of counterfeit products. This covers for cell phones which are marked trademark “Apple”; bags, marked by the trademark “Chanel”; sports pants marked trademark “Puma”; shirt marked trademark “Louis Vuitton”; socks, marked trademarks of “Gucci” “Fila”, “Adidas”, “Lacoste”, “Adidas”, “Nike”; the packaging of toilet water, marked the trademark “Nina Ricci”, “Kenzo Leau”, “Platin Egois Shanel”, “D&G”, “Jadore Dior”; manicure accessories marked trademark “Zinger”; toys, marked trademarks of “paw patrol”, “L. O. L”; candy, marked trademarks of “Swallow”, “Mask”, “Red poppy”, “Petrel”, the bearings are marked trademark “SKF”. Prevented damage for the sum about 7 million roubles. 64 filed cases on administrative offenses.

Anna Mansurov,

the press-Secretary of the Tomsk customs