Tomsk customs: irregularities in the submission of statistical forms “in the lead” among administrative offences

In 2019 of 1 004 cases of administrative offenses of the Tomsk customs initiated 496 cases of failure to submit statistical forms of the account of movement of goods or the submission of statistical forms containing inaccurate information. The amount of collected fines amounted to more than 500 000.

To cash companies not went to penalties, Tomsk customs reminds: the eighth working day of the month is the last for submission to the customs information on mutual trade with EAEU countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) for the previous month. This information is important for assessing the economic situation and dynamics of trade flows in the Tomsk region and the country as a whole.

For failure to perform this duty, in accordance with article 19.7.13 code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences (administrative code), the penalty is imposed. On officials – from 10 000 to 15 000 rubles, and on legal entities – from 20 000 to 50 000 rubles. For repeated offence the fine may be increased two times.

To fulfill the obligation easier if you create and submit statform with the help of a Personal account of the participant of foreign trade activities on the website of the Federal customs service Statform signed by an electronic signature (the same as in the Declaration of goods) and served via the Internet. Registration number of statistical forms to the applicant within one minute. There is an automatic check of filling. The detection of errors (e.g., by weight/ quantitative/ monetary values) – this was through a Personal account will be informed. The applicant will be able to cancel the form with the error and submit a new, to send explanations to verify.

When submitting statistical forms electronically to the Personal account is formed by an electronic archive of statistical forms – so there is no need to store the statistical forms anywhere else.

Please note: the Russian Government has prepared a draft resolution (the number of the project on the website of legislative initiatives 02/07/11-18/00086335) “On approval of Rules of maintaining statistics of mutual trade in goods of the Russian Federation with member States of the Eurasian economic Union and a recognition become invalid for decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation from 07 Dec 2015 № 1329”, which envisaged the complete exclusion of the submission of statistical forms on paper.

We offer advance go to submission of statistical forms electronically.

For reference. In the Tomsk customs for 2019 was 6 580 statistical forms of the account of movement of goods. Of them filed using electronic digital signature – 4 977 (75.6 per cent). This result Tomsk traders – best among the Siberian regions.

The main trade partners of participants of foreign economic activity Tomsk region in mutual trade with the countries of the EEU are companies of Kazakhstan: exports – 70 per cent or 45.4 million U.S. dollars, imports – 66% or 7.8 million dollars.

The total foreign trade turnover of Tomsk region with the countries of the EEU in 2019 amounted to 76.3 million US dollars. The share of imports accounted for 11.8 million dollars, the share of exports 64.4 million U.S. dollars.

Anna Mansurov,

the press-Secretary of the Tomsk customs