To lose weight at any cost

To lose weight at any cost

One of the most important activities of the North Ossetian customs is to prevent smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors and highly active substances. For this area of operational activities in the customs Department is responsible for combating smuggling of drugs. To successfully detect illegally-roaming of controlled items and substances, customs offices of the North Ossetian customs-equipped with all the necessary technical means of customs control, inspection activities are utilized by experienced specialists-cynologists with sluzhebno-search dogs.

Only from the beginning of 2020 by the staff of Department of fight against a drug trafficking of the customs office in cooperation with UCON of the MIA of Russia in North Ossetia and the FSB of Russia on RSO-And was prevented 8 attempts of illegal movement across the customs border of the Russian Federation of controlled substances. Withdrawn from illegal circulation 778,92 grams of narcotic and potent substances. On all facts criminal cases on signs of the crimes provided for by articles 226.1 and 229.1 of the criminal code.

Lately, concern is growing enthusiasm for the female population drugs for weight loss of Chinese origin. The fact is that in most cases the active ingredient in these drugs is sibutramine made from the adverse effects on the internal organs and the human psyche in the Lists of potent and poisonous substances, approved by the RF Government Decree №964 dated 29.12.2007, a Potent substance sibutramine, is a psychostimulant that causes addiction.

These drugs are ordered by women through online stores and delivered to customers international mail. The act entails the responsibility stipulated by part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code and carries a punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term from 3 to 7 years.

The North Ossetian customs warns about the consequences of making such purchases. Please refuse delivery for weight loss supplements of Chinese origin.

Diana Haewa,
press Secretary of the North Ossetian customs