The Yaroslavl customs switches to remote mode

The Yaroslavl customs switches to remote mode

The Yaroslavl customs draws the attention of participants of foreign trade activities, in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions all issues related to customs Declaration and customs operations, it is necessary to solve in remote regime, using modern technology and the available means of communication not involving direct communication with officials of customs and customs posts.

All stakeholders in the legal Department of the Yaroslavl customs you can get a free consultation on issues of customs legislation. Take advantage of the state service in informing and consultation of citizens recommended in remote mode by phone: (4852) 79-76-39 legal Department of the Yaroslavl customs or send your request to the email address of the Department:

Also in connection with the adverse situation related to the spread of coronavirus infections are restricted to all posts the Yaroslavl customs. Officials of customs offices when implementing customs operations and customs control in the places of temporary storage of goods, customs control zones and areas of customs posts in the compulsory use of personal protective equipment. On the work of the customs posts to contact the Department of customs procedures and customs control of the Yaroslavl customs by phone: (4852)79-76-67.

In the preventive purposes temporarily restricted personal reception of citizens by administration of customs. Now apply to the customs can be a statement only in written or electronic form. Address for referral letters: 150999 Yaroslavl, street Bogdanovicha, d. 10 – box for receiving correspondence installed at the entrance to the customs house. Address for sending requests by e-mail: If you have additional questions for the Department to contact by phone: (4852)79-76-77 – the Department of documentation ensuring customs or call to the office of customs: (4852)79-76-28.

In addition, an effective way of obtaining official information and feedback of the customs authorities with participants in foreign economic activities is the website of the Central customs office (, and the use of enterprises and organizations of region “the Personal account of the participant of foreign trade activities” ( Information services of the Personal account allow traders to generate and implement the exchange of electronic documents and information with the customs authorities.

Additionally, we inform that since 23 March this year, the Central customs administration for the purposes of informing entrepreneurs and residents of the region in terms of conducting customs operations in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection created call center. The call center is designed to advise on issues related to the Commission of customs operations in respect of goods of the first necessity, food and medical supplies. The telephone “hot line” of TSTU to inform all interested persons: +7(903)208-27-69.

Phillip Kushnarev,
press Secretary of the Yaroslavl customs