The Ural customs officers have transferred to the hospital confiscated 150 thousand medical

Ural customs administration transmitted to the Regional clinical hospital No. 2 confiscated medical devices.

70 000 pairs of gloves, 12 masks of 000, about 1000 litres of antiseptic and disinfectants, weight 1.7 tons and cost more than 700 thousand rubles were transferred to the hospital, where the treatment of patients with suspected and signs of infectious diseases caused by COVID-19.

Two months mobile teams Chelyabinsk customs prevented 14 attempts of export of medicines from the territory of the Russian Federation. Together with the staff of the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region on the border with Kazakhstan at checkpoints “Bumpy” and “Varna” identified 27 tons are prohibited to be exported medical.

FCS of Russia has the right to gratuitous transfer of goods converted into Federal property.

In a complex epidemiological situation, medical facilities should be passed in the shortest possible time. This is done thanks to the constructive interaction of the Ural customs administration with the government of the Chelyabinsk region and with the personal participation of the Governor of Teksler.

“Today, we have awarded only two out of fourteen: gloves, wipes, Shoe covers, antiseptic and disinfectant. 154 thousand units, – comments Evgeniy Melekhov, Deputy head of the Chelyabinsk customs. – The remaining twelve parties will be sent to the hospital in the near future.”

Since the beginning of March the mobile groups villano 5.5 thousand litres of antiseptic and disinfectants, 80 thousand pairs of gloves, 1.5 million pairs of Shoe covers is about 500 masks and half masks.

We will remind that in Russia there is a temporary ban on the export of certain types of medical devices: bandages, gauze, gloves, cotton wool, masks and filters for them, disinfectant and antiviral agents, Shoe covers, chemical protective suits, respirators, medical gowns, as well as other means of antiviral nature. This prohibition applies to funds for personal use and humanitarian aid.


Natalia Starikova, press Secretary of the Chelyabinsk customs