The Tyumen customs has transferred in Rosimushchestvo goods for a total amount of 5.5 million rubles

Recognized court abandoned the consumer goods and illegally staying on territoriali of the Russian Federation, the car became the property of the state.

186 pieces of clothing and shoes from Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, India and China transferred to the MTU of Russian property Fund in the Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district – Yugra, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district. The goods were realized by an individual entrepreneur without documents confirming the legality of the acquisition and import them into the customs territory of the EAEU. The Declaration and payment of customs duties in respect of these goods the owner was never implemented. The court issued a decision declaring the property a total value of 409 million rubles unattended.

The car passed into the bodies of the Agency that arrested the Tyumen customs in 2019. The “Toyota Camry” otstavel the status of goods of the EEU. Owner – the citizen of the Russian Federation imported car in the Tyumen region through the Republic of Armenia after the October 10, 2014, payment of customs payments other than those installed in the EEU rates. Before reselling a car worth 580 thousand rubles was to be declared with customs fee payments. Dereliction of duty on payment of customs duties resulted in his lawful detention of the Tyumen customs. The actions of the Tyumen customs, recognized by the court’s decision lawful and justified. The court of appeal upheld the legality of actions of customs officers.

Only the government in 2020 Tyumen customs transferred converted to the property of the state and the detainee’s property for total amount of 9,5 million roubles, including 6 cars with a total value of 2.9 million.


In accordance with the Contract (paragraph 30 and 31), cars, imported to the territory of the Republic of Armenia from the third countries after the October 10, 2014, in respect of which customs duty taxes were paid at rates different from the rates established by Decision of the Council of the Eurasian economic Commission dated 20 December 2017 № 107 “On certain issues related to goods for personal use” (item 3 of table 2 of Annex 2) are deemed as foreign goods.

The use of such vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter – the member States EAEU) without payment of customs duties and taxes and without making the payment of customs duties and taxes is allowed only by persons permanently residing in the Republic of Armenia.

Other persons on the territory of the member States of the EEU are allowed temporary importation of such vehicles, their use and disposal, transfer to the use, disposal only under condition of their customs declaring in customs authorities of those States and the payment of customs duties and taxes.

On all arising questions you can contact the legal Department of the Tyumen customs office (street Refrigerating, 58 d. A), pre-recorded on the consultation by phone 8 (3452) 597-239, 597-339. Consultations are free of charge.


Press team of the Tyumen customs