The Tyumen customs has summarized the work for 2019

January 22, 2019 in the conference hall of the Tyumen customs, held a meeting on summarizing the work of the Tyumen customs in 2019.

In the meeting, besides senior officials of the customs, was attended by the Deputy head of Ural customs administration, heads and representatives of the territorial bodies of legislative and Executive authorities, law enforcement and judicial authorities of the Tyumen and Kurgan regions.

It was the first full year of operation in the status of the customs actual control. It coincided with the period of the enterprises of the Tyumen, Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets customs, which had a significant impact on the structure, organization of work and the workload of officers, – noted in his report the chief of customs Boris Yaskov.

10 criminal cases, which is twice exceeded the same indicator of 2018.

The number of administrative cases amounted to 1002, which is more than the figure of 2018 by 34%. The increase in the total number of prosecutions was due to the merger of the Tyumen Khanty – Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets customs.

Certain results have been achieved in the course of conducting joint activities by customs officers and operational staff of Department of economic safety of RU FSB of Russia across the Tyumen region. 3 criminal cases on the facts of illegal movement in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are strategically important resources of timber, worth about five and a half million rubles. In addition, in interaction with UFSB of Russia across the Kurgan region revealed that smuggling on a large scale in the Kingdom of Thailand is a strategically important resource of Artemia cysts, with a total value of not less than 8 million rubles.

Mobile groups of the Tyumen customs office on Federal highways discovered and destroyed more than 128 tons of the sanctions. In 2018 identified and destroyed 16 (sixteen) tons

Almost 4 times increased the number of identified and detained counterfeit goods – from 80 to 288 thousand units. According to representatives of owners of trademarks the damage amounted to about 480 million rubles.

According to the court decision on the solid waste landfill in Barrow for the first time destroyed by burning 7.5 thousand units of counterfeit clothing, prevented economic damage amounting to more than 60 million rubles.

Significant impact on the achievement of custom indicators and performance – in the words of the chief of customs of Boris Yas’kova, – has a level of interagency cooperation with other territorial law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

In turn, those present at the meeting of the main Federal inspector of the Tyumen region Dmitry Kuzmenko and Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region Andrey Panteleev commended the work of the customs of the region in cooperation with the business community and the development of investment attractiveness of the region.

For reference:

October 1, 2019, the region of activity of customs has expanded and includes four subjects of the Russian Federation: Tyumen oblast with Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous districts and Kurgan oblast. Total area area of 1.5 million square kilometers. The length of the state border of the Russian Federation more than 900 km of Maritime area in the North and 760 km border with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The structure of the customs 13 customs posts, including that there are 5 aircraft and 1 marine border checkpoint (Sabetta).

Ksenia Lahtina, Tyumen customs