The Tver customs has helped to restore military burial

The Tver customs has helped to restore military burial

At the initiative and with participation of the Tver customs in the village Rudnitsa Italische rural settlement of Rzhevsky district of Tver region on the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war was completely renovated mass grave.

The memorial is in the village cemetery. On the memorial plaque of the line: “Here are buried Soviet soldiers who died of wounds in January-may of 1942 in 583 hospital. Eternal memory to the soldiers who fell in battles for the Motherland.”

292 fighter killed in terrible and bloody battles for the Rzhev. Privates, sergeants, lieutenants… Names of 35 of them remained unknown.

Today, the most recent burial is a special track, its area is tiled and decorated flowerbed for colors, updated memorial plaques with the names of soldiers.

– At a mass grave to commemorate the bravery and courage of all the victims, we have placed an unusual subject, – said the head of Rzhev customs post of Vladimir Fedorov. Is the projectile from the Soviet 122 mm towed howitzer. He lay in the Rzhev earth nearly eight decades. It found our colleague, the member of search group “the Western front” Oleg Ilyin. The former shell is slightly altered to become similar to the original “vase” for flowers. What used to bore pain, death and sorrow have now become a symbol of peace, beauty and goodness.

Yulia Kalinina,

press Secretary of the Tver customs