The Taganrog customs has protected the holder of the appellation of origin of goods “ESSENTUKI №4” and “ESSENTUKI №17”

The Taganrog customs has protected the holder of the appellation of origin of goods “ESSENTUKI №4” and “ESSENTUKI №17”

In 2019 the Taganrog customs was stopped the illegal activities of trafficking counterfeit mineral water, organized by the two local participants of foreign economic activity. During the Desk audits of customs revealed 13 consignments of mineral water “Dr. ESSENT” No. 4″, “Dr. ESSENT” No. 17″ and “Alley springs No. 17” a total of about 40 000 bottles (with a volume of 1.5 l and 0.5 l) at a cost of one million rubles. Samples of the labels of these bottles has been recognized by experts of the regional branch of the Central forensic customs administration (Rostov-on-don) and by the right holder similar to the point of confusion with the registered names of places and is able to enter misleading consumers. Against unscrupulous entrepreneurs, the customs officers opened 13 cases on administrative offences under part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code of Russia.

The arbitration court of the Rostov region, the Taganrog customs declarations on bringing guilty persons to administrative responsibility have been met, the offenders punished by civil fines totaling over half a million rubles.

Representatives in conflict with the law of commercial companies tried to challenge the decision in higher courts, but the Fifteenth Arbitration Appeal court decisions of arbitration courts are recognized lawful and justified. The court of cassation (Court of intellectual property rights), which lodged complaints with representatives of the firms, also confirmed the legality of actions of the Taganrog customs officers.

Representatives of joint-stock companies “Kavminkurortresursy”, which is a major user of mineral resources on the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the owner of the appellation of origin of goods “ESSENTUKI №4” and “ESSENTUKI №17”, the letter praised the work of the staff of the Taganrog customs on the protection of rights to objects of intellectual property.

Albert Smirnov, press Secretary of the Taganrog customs