The Sochi customs joined Krasnodar in October this year

The Sochi customs joined Krasnodar in October

From 1 October 2020 in the structure of the customs authorities of the southern region will be changes. The Sochi customs will be reorganized through the accession to the Krasnodar customs.

The corresponding order was signed on 27 March this year, the head of the FCS of Russia Vladimir Bulavina. The decision was made in order to improve the structure and efficiency of customs authorities, located in the southern Federal district.

Four of the customs post Sochi customs: Central Sochi, Sochi Airport, Adler checkpoint and checkpoint Adler will be reassigned to the Krasnodar customs, without changing their location and region activities.

While the administrative functions associated with the Commission of customs operations and conduct customs control will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Krasnodar customs. Customs posts will be assigned a new departmental codes:

– 10309210 – Sochi Central customs post of the Krasnodar customs;

-10309212 – customs clearance Department and customs control №2 of the Sochi Central customs post of the Krasnodar customs;

– 10309220 – customs post of the Airport of Sochi, Krasnodar customs;

-10309230 customs post checkpoint Adler Krasnodar customs;

– 10309240 –customs post MAPP Adler Krasnodar customs.

The upcoming reform will allow more efficient use of resources of customs authorities, will improve the quality of customs administration. Despite the fact that on October 1, the regions of Krasnodar customs will expand, it will not affect the efficiency of customs control and the customs clearance time.