The sale brought the case on administrative offense

Officials of the customs post MAPP Gukovo, Rostov customs detected the fact of not declaring goods subject to customs Declaration.

The car brand “Hyundai Elantra” running a citizen of Ukraine born in 1989, arrived at the customs post MAPP Gukovo, Rostov customs on the part of Russia.

During a vehicle inspection using mobile inspection complexes were obtained x-ray image, which indicate that the vehicle is not declared properly product.

In the course of customs inspection officials of the post found in the cabin and Luggage compartment of the car plastic and paper bags are grey and yellow with shoes, clothing and “special” packages for them. All the woman had intended to smuggle across the customs border without declaring 139 items of different sizes (sneakers, Slippers, Slippers, t-shirts, hoodies, suits, sweater, pants, jacket – in stock).

A citizen reported that sports shoes and apparel worth about 250 000 rubles she purchased in shopping centers in Rostov-on-don in such large numbers, as stores began sales, and the prices were much lower than usual.

Acting head of the customs post MAPP Gukovo Sergei Kotov said: “Given the range, quantity and purpose moved through the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union goods, an official customs post was taken the decision to notesini goods for goods for personal use. On the fact of not declaring goods subject to customs Declaration, a criminal case on an administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code of Russia. Conducted an administrative investigation.”

Anna Polaskova, press Secretary of the Rostov customs