The participants of foreign economic activities Tula and Ryazan regions will submit declarations on goods to the Central customs post (CCAD)

Tula customs informs the participants of foreign economic activities Tula and Ryazan regions on the transfer Declaration to the Central customs office (CED) Central electronic customs since July 31, 2020.

Until July 30, 2020, the traders, the goods which are in the region of Tula, Novomoskovsk, Moscow and Ryazan customs posts, realize the Declaration on the Moscow customs post (EDC) Moscow office based on the characteristics and competencies established by the customs legislation. The customs on 31 July 2020 will be reassigned to the Central e-customs and renamed the Central customs post (the electronic Declaration center) (CCAD), the code of the customs 10131010.

Interaction of customs posts actual control of the Tula customs with CCAD and other centers of electronic Declaration for the whole of Russia will be carried out with application of technology of remote release of goods.

In the region of Tula customs carried out the work of translation Declaration of the array in the centers of electronic Declaration: in I half-year of 2020, the subordinate customs posts released 5 204 Declaration of goods (DT) versus DT 081 36 in the same period of 2019, – noted the chief of Department of customs procedures and customs control of the Tula customs Yuri Vinokurov. – First of all, these changes are aimed at maximum automation of the Commission of customs operations and the further development of technology auto-enrollment and autopause goods, to minimize the influence of the human factor.

Businesses and organizations need to consider that the key to successful passage of auto enrollment and autopause is the correctness of the count by the declarant of all of the goods Declaration and all fields in the electronic copies of the documents provided for by Album formats.

The quality of filling of the Declaration and the rapid exchange of information under electronic Declaration directly depend on timing of customs operations. It is necessary to accurately specify the details of the documents, the correct numbers of transit declarations and TIR Carnets, it is key to the successful automatic registration of DT and its releasedrew the attention of the declarants Yuri Vinokurov.

After concentration registration ZZED Tula customs and subordinate customs offices in the Tula and Ryazan regions will continue to carry out customs operations for opening and completing the procedure of customs transit, to exercise control over the activity of temporary storage, to hold actual control of goods and vehicles.

In addition, the Tula customs will register and issue a customs Declaration in respect of goods declared with the submission of the license (s) of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation, as well as the goods moved in one commodity party with such goods.

Svetlana Begunova,

press Secretary of the Tula customs