The number of complaints in the Novosibirsk customs has decreased in 3 times

The number of complaints about decisions, actions or inactivity of officials submitted to the head of Novosibirsk customs in 2019 has dropped by more than 3 times – with 71 complaints in 2018, to 22 complaints in 2019.

Often decisions made by customs authorities cause disagreement declarants. As a rule, decisions relating to the determination of the customs value of goods classification of goods according to the FEACN of the cu.

Novosibirsk customs reminds that in the presence of disputes is not necessary to go to court. To complain against decisions, actions or inaction of customs posts and their officials can be addressed to the head of customs.

According to the results of consideration of complaints in 2019, the Novosibirsk customs made a decision about satisfaction of the complaint 1 (39 thousand rubles returned to the applicant in connection with the change of the commodity code), 1 the complaint is granted in part, denied in 3 statements, the rest of the complaints forwarded for decision to the superior customs body – the Siberian customs Department.

Head of the legal Department of the Novosibirsk customs Jeanne Formidable: “Defending their rights, the participants of foreign trade, the habit of going to court. Novosibirsk customs proposes in dispute, according to the declarants, use more simple, quick, and convenient mechanism – departmental appeal. In other words – to appeal to the head of customs”.

The benefits of a departmental appeal in comparison with the judicial order of the appeal lies in the more simple application form and accelerated the timing of its consideration is not more than 1 month. During consideration of the application the customs authorities the duty to pay is not necessary, the decision of the customs authority on the appeal comes into force immediately after its adoption, and, in addition, the applicant retains the right to further appeal the decision of a customs authority or its officials in court.

In addition, to obtain information about the reasons accepted by the customs body of the decision, of the act or omission is possible in the manner prescribed by article 265 of the Federal law of 3 August 2018 No. 289-FZ “On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”. The interested person within 6 months from the date of adoption by the customs body of the decision, action or omission may request the provision of information, both oral and written form. The response time to the query when calling the day of receipt of the request, and in writing within ten days.

Tatiana Suprunova,

a press-the Secretary Novosibirsk customs