The motorcycles under the skin of the car

The motorcycles under the skin of the car

Officials of the customs post MAPP Gukovo, Rostov customs elicited the fact of concealment in a vehicle goods subject to customs Declaration.

Car brand “VOLKSWAGEN” under control of the citizen of Ukraine arrived at the customs post MAPP Gukovo, Rostov customs on the part of Russia.

During a vehicle inspection using mobile inspection complexes were obtained x-ray image, which indicate that the car are not declared properly products.

In the course of customs inspection officials of the post found under paneling in the interior of the vehicle spare parts for motor vehicles (67 items of various kinds).

In his explanation the man said that he had planned to move the goods, “partly for personal purposes and the rest for sale.” About the necessity of filing the customs Declaration, he knew, but tried to conceal goods from customs control.

Acting head of the customs post MAPP Gukovo Vladimir Kodua explained: “In violation of the current legislation the citizen of Ukraine concealed from customs control of transported goods subject to written Declaration. Against him a criminal case on an administrative offense under part 2 of article 16.1 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation upon concealment of goods from customs control way, complicating detection of the goods.”

Anna Polaskova, press Secretary of the Rostov customs