The Kemerovo tourists have less to violate customs legislation

In 2019, the employees of the Kuzbass customs post of the Kemerovo customs office during the customs control of travelers at the international airport Kemerovo to them. A. A. Leonov, opened, 203 cases of administrative offences. Compared to the year 2018, the number of cases decreased by 8%.

The decline in offences of employees of the Kemerovo customs associated primarily with preventive work. “However, in 2019 was able to expand the range of goods subject to administrative offences, – said the head of the Kuzbass customs post of the Kemerovo customs Eugene Khripchenko, – among them the coral, which is a category of goods protected by the Convention CITES 6 cases, wild-growing raw materials (pine nuts) – 2 cases firearms (traumatic gun) – 2 cases, commercial party goods (toys, clothing) – 1 case”.

The traditional objects of crime of planting and seed material – 119 cases of alcoholic products – 28, melee weapons – 20 cases, tobacco – 19 cases, psychotropic substances in the composition of medicines – 4 case.

As a result of ongoing work in cooperation with the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives in the republics of Khakassia, Tuva, Kemerovo region seized and destroyed 425 units of planting and seed material (plants, seeds in packets).

In addition, seized more than 54 liters of alcoholic beverages (imported without the Declaration of more than 3 liters per person), 4000 cigarettes, referred to the destruction of 6 knuckles, 3 telescopic batons, 2 knives, 1 shuriken. Seized tablets of Phenazepam, corals and more than 25 kg of goods, not designed for personal use.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs