The Kemerovo customs is conducting a webinar on the labeling of goods for foreign economic activity participants

The Kemerovo customs on 25 June 2020 at 11:00 (Kemerovo time) is holding a webinar for participants of foreign economic activity (FEA) for labelling goods.

In order to be considered for the completion of information in goods declarations on the identifications of goods, the order of movement of goods in a customs warehouse, in case of necessity of marking (remarking) of goods as well as other issues in the area of marking.

The event will take place on the platform free mobile apps ZOOM. To connect to the videoconferencing can a traders, and other stakeholders. Connectivity options on the platform ZOOM: connection ID – 721 3669 1939, the password is 12345678

“The need for such an event arose in connection with the increase in the number of types of goods subject to mandatory labeling. From 1 July 2020, this added to the list of tobacco products (except cigarettes with filter and without filter and cigarettes), footwear products, medicinal preparations for medical application”, – said Andrey Malkarov, chief state customs inspector of Department of customs control after release of goods of the Kemerovo customs:.

Get acquainted with up to date information and rules for the marking of certain categories of goods on the website of the FCS of Russia in the section “Labelling of goods” Rules set out the requirements to the participants of the circulation of marked goods, the procedure for information exchange between the participants of the turnover information system of marking, characteristics of the means of identification applied to goods, features of filling of the Declaration on goods and other information necessary to participants of turnover to ensure the labeling.

On all arising questions you can contact the Kemerovo customs by phone: 8 (3842) 75 23 34.

Previously based in the Kemerovo customs held an interagency meeting with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor across the Kemerovo region of Kuzbass and management of economic security and combating corruption GU MVD of Russia in the Kemerovo oblast for the organization of effective cooperation on the question of control over the importation and trafficking of goods subject to mandatory labeling. Special attention was paid to the issue of organization of joint control activities to verify the legality of the turnover of goods subject to mandatory marking means of identification. They also discussed the involvement of the persons who have goods without markings, to administrative responsibility.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs