The issue of smuggling of tobacco products discussed in Ulyanovsk

The issue of smuggling of tobacco products discussed in Ulyanovsk

In Ulyanovsk held a round table on the theme: “Combating the sale of illegal cigarettes in the Ulyanovsk region – collaboration between the state and business”, which was attended by representatives of state authorities, business community, public organizations. From the Samara customs have taken part the head of the Department of inspections after release of goods and activities of persons No. 3 of Abramov Igor Alekseevich. He spoke about the practice of the Samara customs in identifying illegal import of tobacco products and about the responsibility, provided for the violation.

Igor Abramov: “For 2019, officials of the customs control after release of goods in the course of the activities conducted mobile teams identified 19 cases (24 830 packs – cigarettes and 338 125 packs – tobacco) illegal import to the territory of the Russian Federation from the Republic of Kazakhstan not marked by special (excise) marks of tobacco products, instituted 19 cases under article 16.3 of the administrative code of Russia”.

In addition, in 2019 in the domestic market held 23 inspection of premises and territories designated 13 field customs audits the results of which are withdrawn from circulation 4 928 packs of tobacco for hookahs not marked by special (excise) marks production of such countries as the Turkish Republic, the Kingdom of Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, the Republic of India.

Also, the round table examined various aspects of market regulation of tobacco products. Special attention was paid to the conscientious practice of interaction of business and government to ensure compliance with the requirements of the legislation at realization of excisable products by all market participants.


Synopsis: In 2020, officials, members of mobile groups, found 2 vehicles involved in the transportation of tobacco for hookah (total of 32 000 units) without special (excise) stamps. In the first case revealed opened an administrative case under article 16.3 of the administrative code, and checks for signs of a crime under article 171.1 of the criminal code, in the second case, at the present time in respect of specified goods is carried out customs examination the results of which will be considered a question on excitation of criminal case according to article 171.1 of the criminal code.

Alla Tarceva

the press-Secretary of the Samara customs