The Dagestani customs officers seized counterfeit goods

The Dagestani customs officers seized counterfeit goods

The employees of the Department to control the importation and trafficking of goods from customs control after release of goods of the Dagestan customs service when carrying out customs control in one of the shops of the city of Derbent identified clothing and shoes that are marked known brands such as “Nike”, “Gucci”, “Adidas”, “Reebok”, “Puma” in the amount of 264 units believed to belong to counterfeit products.

In the course of clarifying the circumstances of the origin of products sold to the officers of customs who conducted the test were not shown installed in accordance with current legislation the documents showing the legal origin of the goods.

Revealed during the customs inspection of premises and territories of the goods seized and placed in temporary storage.

Representatives of the franchisor sent the relevant request to establish the authenticity of the product. After receiving the responses from the right holders will be considered a question on excitation of criminal case or case on administrative offense.

Zoe Amirkhanova,
press Secretary of the Dagestani customs