The Birobidzhan customs office revealed violations of currency legislation at 92 million rubles

Violations of the law, totaling more than 92 million rubles revealed the Birobidzhan customs office of currency control from the beginning of 2020. In respect of participants of foreign economic activities initiated 7 administrative cases and one criminal case. Violators fined more than 22 million rubles.

As told to Eugene Starovoitov, head of Department of the commodity nomenclature, the origin of goods and trade restrictions of the Birobidzhan customs revealed facts of failure by the resident within the established period duties on receipt of their Bank account currency transferred to non-residents goods and also infringement of terms of representation of forms of accounting and reporting on currency operations.

In respect of foreign trade participants who committed violations of the Birobidzhan customs initiated administrative proceedings: 3 cases under part 4 of article 15.25 of the administrative code of Russia and 4 cases under part 6.3 of article 15.25 of the administrative code of Russia. Criminal proceedings by the customs under article 173.2 of the criminal code of Ukraine (Illegal use of documents for formation (establishment, reorganization) of a legal entity), transferred to the investigative part of the Moi of Russia for Jewish Autonomous region.


The most important task of currency regulation and currency control – prevention of the leakage of capital abroad, creating a threat to the economic security of the country. The Birobidzhan customs, as the agent of currency control, has the right within its competence:

– to carry out check of observance by residents and non-residents of acts of currency legislation of the Russian Federation and acts of bodies of currency regulation;

– to verify the completeness and accuracy of accounting and reporting on currency operations of residents and non-residents;

– to request and obtain documents and information connected with currency operations, the opening and maintenance of accounts;

– to demand representation only those documents that directly pertain to foreign exchange transactions;

– to request and receive from residents and non-residents documents (copies of documents) related to transactions denominated in foreign currency the opening and maintenance of accounts listed in part 4 of article 23 of the Federal law “On currency regulation and currency control”.


Elena Verbitskaya,

the press service of the Birobidzhan customs,

(42622) 40409