The Arkhangelsk customs conducts business citizens

Archangel customs ‘ consultation of citizens

The Arkhangelsk customs consulting citizens and legal entities.

Turning to the customs authority, you can obtain advice on existing customs law and rules of the movement of goods across the border of the Eurasian economic Union.

In 2020 the legal Department of the Arkhangelsk customs conducted business remotely: most citizens often had questions about the procedure of import on the territory of the Eurasian economic Union passenger cars and import of goods for personal use in international mail and order the export of foreign cash currency.

The Arkhangelsk customs recalls that natural and legal persons can also contact the customs authority with a request about reasons and grounds for the decision or action committed or the reasons for the failure to act, omission, if it affects their rights and legitimate interests. The query is supplied in oral or written form within 6 months from the date of the decision or action (omission) or the expiry of their adoption or execution or on the date when the person became aware of the decision or committed action (inaction).

The legislation also envisages the possibility of appealing against decisions, actions (inaction) of a customs authority to the customs authorities and (or) in court.

Make complaints against decisions, actions (inaction) of a customs authority shall be filed within three months from the date when the person became aware or should have become aware of a violation of his rights, freedoms or legitimate interests to the customs body the customs body, the decision, action (inaction) which are appealed. Complaint on decision, action (inaction) of a customs post is submitted to the customs.

The superior customs body shall consider the complaint within one month from the date of its receipt.

Advice on listed or other matters within the competence of customs bodies, can be obtained by phone (8182) 633-571, e – mail – in accordance with the schedule.