Team Astrakhan customs is recognized as one of the best among border customs in the South of Russia

The results of operations in 2019 Astrakhan customs transferred to the Federal budget of more than 10.7 billion rubles, which exceeds the established benchmarks in 2018 – about 9.5 billion rubles. The increase in these customs duties amounted to more than 1 billion rubles, or about 10% compared to the same period of 2018.

By results of competition team of the Astrakhan customs took the second place among the teams of the border customs of the southern customs Directorate and the Center for electronic Declaration of the Astrakhan customs house was the best among domestic customs posts.

The results in 2019 was reviewed at the annual summary meeting in the Astrakhan customs. In 2019, the Center of electronic Declaration is decorated with about 55 thousand of goods declarations, the number of export declarations 5 times the number of “imported”. The turnover of goods transported by sea transport and is decorated Astrakhan customs officers in 2019, amounted to more than 17 million tonnes, of which 11 million tonnes – exports and transit. The main countries-partners in goods export by sea are the Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan. A leading position in the export group of products – from cereals and timber. In 2018 the first position on the export growth was led by petroleum products and vegetable agricultural products. The imported group of commodities are dried fruits, salt, soda, polystyrene and cement. For 2019 at a checkpoint “Sea port of Astrakhan” decorated about three and a half thousand ships on arrivals and departures across the state border of the Russian Federation. Of these, 3200 were issued courts at the Astrakhan customs office, which is the region of activity, competence and the number of committed customs operations is the largest in the Astrakhan customs. Project throughput transport capacity of a customs post in a day is 24 aircraft, up to 14 thousand tons of goods and up to 500 people. In the area of operations of Astrakhan customs office there are 8 warehouses of temporary storage (open and closed), 11 permanent and 3 temporary zones of customs control zone regime there are 6 sections and 2 of the RAID on which the execution of the courts zagranplavanija and provided the Commission the state regulatory authorities. One of the promising directions in the organization of work in the marine checkpoint is the use of the PSC Portal “seaport”

The Portal allows to ensure the continuity of the logistics process at the seaport and to optimize the performance of transactions that leads primarily to one-time provision of information to the portal (upon the arrival of goods) with further access to such information of all stakeholders. these include the state control bodies at the checkpoint, carriers, service the port. The portal allows to realize in practice the principle of “Single window” under the state control of goods and vehicles.

Evaluating the results of the work present at the final meeting held in the Astrakhan customs, the first Deputy chief of the southern customs Directorate Victor Koptenko noted that in 2019, the tasks have been fulfilled, growth is marked practically in all areas of customs.

Dinara Mazitova, press Secretary of the Astrakhan customs