Southern operational customs – 24 years

Southern operational customs – 24 years

July 8, 2020 South operational customs, which assigned a leading role in the organization of fight against customs offenses in the southern region, marks 24 years.

Southern operational customs office was established July 8, 1996. This is the law enforcement structure of the customs authorities with the functions of inquiry and operatively-search activity, the purpose of which is to protect the economic interests of the state in the sphere of foreign economic activity. WOT directs, organizes work and provides methodological assistance to law enforcement units in the ten customs of the region.

During the work of YOT law enforcement divisions of customs of UTAH revealed more than 300 thousand administrative offenses, brought more than 7 thousand criminal cases, prevented more than 2,800 instances of smuggling of weapons, ammunition, explosives; more than 3000 cases of illegal drug trafficking, seized more than 5 tons of drugs and potent substances, about 195 tons of precursor detained illegally transported foreign and Russian currency, the currency values for the sum more than 390 million rubles, 30 million U.S. dollars, about 7.8 million euros, about 290 kg of jewelry made of gold, 500 kilograms of silver jewelry.

The acting head of the southern customs Vitaly Kukharenko, congratulating staff on the day of formation of custom, wished his colleagues further progress and achievements in protecting national interests and ensuring economic security of Russia.

Alexander Valuisky, press Secretary of the southern customs