The first “golden” bouquets of mimosa are imported to Russia

The first “golden” bouquets of mimosa are imported to Russia

Published: February 8, 2024 12:12 pm

Floral products from the Republic of Abkhazia have started to be delivered.

A commercial consignment of mimosa or silver acacia was checked at the Adler customs post of Krasnodar Customs

The first “flower” declaration was filed for 150 kg of flowers. Due to the warm weather, the flower season began, as last year earlier – in the first days of February. In previous years, flowers were imported from the middle of the month

Mimosa shipments are expected from late February through the first few days of March. Mimosa is brought to all regions of the country as commercial shipments and small bouquets for personal use. Delicate and fragile flowers need special transportation conditions to preserve their marketable appearance. Mimosa is packed hermetically in boxes, transported in low temperature conditions. The floral cargo passes customs control in priority order in the shortest possible time

In 2023, a record 200 tons of “golden” bouquets were imported from Abkhazia. On average, about 150 tons of mimosa are delivered per season.

At the end of the season, a record 150 tons of mimosa are delivered