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Novorossiysk Customs held a working group meeting to improve customs administration at the Novorossiysk sea checkpoint

Published: June 6, 2024 10:38 AM

Novorossiysk Customs held a meeting of the working group on improving customs administration at the Novorossiysk sea border crossing point. The meeting was attended by customs management, representatives of marine terminals at the Novorossiysk sea border crossing point, declarants and customs representatives from the region where the customs operates. At the meeting were considered prospects for the development of information exchange between customs authorities and participants in foreign economic activity in the movement of goods by sea transport, current issues of the implementation of the experiment to launch the technology of automatic registration of the report on the acceptance of goods for temporary storage in the form of DO-1 in the framework of the transfer of the processes of customs operations in temporary storage in the centralized version of AIS “AIST-M”, the practice of placing goods under the customs procedure of customs transit in electronic form, the functioning of the customs transit procedure in the centralized version of AIS “AIST-M”.  

Acting First Deputy Head of Customs Ivan Syanov thanked representatives of the business community for direct dialog, proactive approach and cooperation on emerging issues of customs administration at the sea checkpoint Novorossiysk

 Inna Kircheva,

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tel. (8617) 79-12-78