Songs of Victory in the Tula customs

Songs of Victory in the Tula customs

Tula customs officers, officers of customs posts in the Tula and Ryazan regions participated in the solemn events dedicated to Victory Day.

The festive program was adjusted to the measures aimed at combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection. Gala concert at the customs office was replaced with the radio broadcast “Songs of Victory” during the day sounded familiar melodies that are inextricably linked with the war years and postwar time.

Not left without attention veterans and homefront workers: customs with observance of necessary safety requirements has transferred Christmas gifts and gifts for Tula city Council of veterans and Zarechensk the veterans Council of the city of Tula.

Tula customs officers paid tribute to all who defended freedom and independence of our country and laid flowers to the monument to the heroic defenders of the city during the great Patriotic war.

The traditional “Immortal regiment” this year takes place in online mode. To the nationwide event along with their family and friends join customs of Tula and Ryazan.

Svetlana Begunova,

press Secretary of the Tula customs