Smolensk customs officers on the protection of the environment and health of citizens

Smolensk customs officers on the protection of the environment and health of citizens

Employees of Smolensk customs have stopped attempt of import from Belarus of tires used, relating to hazardous waste.

The vehicle with the consignment was detained by the officials of the Department to control the importation and trafficking of goods the customs in the area of the settlement Kruglova, rudnyansky district, Smolensk oblast in the early morning of 8 may. The Belarusian carrier has tried to smuggle out of Belarus in Smolensk region in one of the Moscow centers for the retail trade automotive parts, accessories, and tire 314 old tires of unknown origin. Their weight was more than 10 tons.

– Used tires are hazardous waste and in accordance with Annex 2 to the Resolution of the RF Government №442 “On transboundary movement of wastes” their import into Russia is prohibited. The car with freight returned to the territory of the Republic of Belarus, – reported the chief of service of customs control after release of goods of the Smolensk customs Dmitry Vasyukov.

Earlier, in the same area, across the Smolensk region tried to smuggle out of the Kaliningrad region in Kemerovo oblast sausages with quenched veterinary documents. The total weight of the products has exceeded 20 tons. The audit revealed that the veterinary certificate on a smoked sausage, a sausage-the sausage frozen sausage-the sausage chilled products in the information system mercury have the status of “Settled.” Car under escort of the officers of the customs for further verification of legality of import and product safety was given to the representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

 Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs