Smolensk customs officers have detained three vehicles, goods be moved with violations

In the Smolensk region tried to import from Belarus of 5 tons of fresh apples of unknown origin.

The vehicle with the Tver numbers were detained in the late evening 29 April 2020 in the area D. Janville, Kislovodskogo district, Smolensk region. During the inspection revealed that the cargo was transported without a phytosanitary certificate, shipping documents were also absent. In addition, the product was not labeled.

– The car with the apples is transferred to the staff of the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for the Bryansk and Smolensk regions for further evaluation and decision in respect of the goods and the carrier in accordance with the law, – said the chief of the customs control after release of goods the customs Dmitry Vasyukov.

Two more vehicles with the Polish living outdoor plants and seedlings of ornamental plants was stopped in near the village of Krasnaya Gorka, Krasninsky district, Smolensk region. The total weight of the plants amounted to about 30 tons. Planting material was supplied to one of the Smolensk companies.

During the inspection customs officers found a partial absence on the packaging of the product labeling that contains information about the name of the product, country, place and (or) the area of production, the exporter.

In accordance with the Decision of the Council of the Eurasian economic Commission from 30.11.2016 N 157 “About approval of the Unified quarantine phytosanitary requirements to regulated products and quarantine objects of the customs border and customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union” imported or roaming without a specified marking and (or) unpackaged seed and planting material for import into the customs territory of the Union or move on customs territory of the Union, is not allowed. Causing both vehicles with the goods placed on the Parking lot to customs inspections.


In April 2020, officials of the Department to control the importation and trafficking of goods to prevent smuggling of goods is the territory of the Russian Federation viewed by 632 vehicle. Mobile groups identified 21 vehicle with the goods, falling under restrictive measures. With the help of the mobile inspection complex of the carried out customs control in respect of 234 vehicles. Using midk identified the party of the Belarusian cigarettes imported from concealment.

Press Secretary of the Smolensk customs

Vladimir Safonov