Siberian electronic customs I went online

Siberian electronic customs goes online

Siberian electronic customs (set) continues to practice holding webinars with the business community.

On the eve of the heads and officials set together with representatives of the Central Siberian chamber of Commerce and industry held a seminar for the participants of foreign economic activity.

At the beginning of the webinar with a welcome speech by the head of Seth Egor Wegner and the President of the Union “the Central Siberian chamber of Commerce” Rafael Sageev. They noted the importance of such events in the unfavourable epidemiological situation, when participants of foreign economic activity it is essential to obtain relevant information about the performance of customs operations to further the implementation of effective foreign economic activity.

Then reports were made by the representatives of the Siberian e-customs. In their speeches they touched upon the issues on which you want to pay attention to speed up customs operations

At the end of the webinar, participants had the opportunity to ask questions, for example, concessions in the import of certain categories of goods.