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Altai customs officers stopped the importation of unlabeled carbonated water into Russia

Published: March 6, 2024 10:03 AM

Gasized drinks of well-known brands were prevented from being traded on the domestic market of the Russian Federation by officers of the Altai Customs mobile group

Customs officers stopped a truck with the goods at the checkpoint “Veseloyarsk” together with the Border Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Altai Territory. The batch of carbonated drinks weighing more than 26 tons was transported from Kyrgyzstan without mandatory marking

The goods were detained and handed over to law enforcement agencies for further inspection and procedural decision

It should be noted that for 2 months of this year, mobile groups of Altai Customs revealed 2.4 thousand units of unlabeled products. In addition, in the domestic market of Altai Krai customs officers found more than 3.1 thousand packs of cigarettes without mandatory labeling

Mandatory labeling of sweet carbonated water in glass and polymer packaging has been introduced in Russia since December 2023. It is a guarantee of the safety and quality of goods, and also allows consumers to trace the path of products from the manufacturer to the counter.

The labeling of sweet sodas is now mandatory

Alyona Kekina,

Alyona Kekina,

spokeswoman for Altai Customs

(3852) 399-078