They tried to smuggle animal horns abroad through Tolmachevo

They tried to smuggle animal horns abroad through Tolmachevo

Published: February 12, 2024 05:09

Officers of the Tolmachevo Airport customs checkpoint have found ungulate horns in the luggage of a passenger on a Novosibirsk – Baku (Azerbaijan) flight.

The air passenger followed the “green corridor”, thus declaring that he had no goods for mandatory declaration. However, customs officers found in his luggage an object of fauna, which may belong to the category of goods regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, their parts and derivatives (animal and plant products) CITES. The passenger did not have any documents for the exported horns.

The man explained that the horns were not in his possession

The man explained that he received the derivatives as a gift from a relative who lives in the Novosibirsk region. He was not aware of the need to obtain veterinary and authorization documents, as well as the mandatory declaration of such goods

The seized derivative was sent by customs officers for examination, the results of which will be used to make a procedural decision