Siberian Customs Administration

Kemerovo customs officers remind about responsibility for violation of the procedure and terms of temporary importation of cars

Published: June 3, 2024 10:05

Kemerovo customs officers have detained five cars for late export of vehicles for personal use over the past three years

We would like to remind you that a vehicle that crossed the border under temporary importation for personal use must be exported from the customs territory of the EAEU or released into free circulation before the deadline set by the customs authority. Customs officers have the right to extend the period of temporary importation of a car for personal use up to one year at the request of a person in the place of his stay

It should be noted that failure to transport the car within the established time limits, transfer of the right to use or otherwise dispose of temporarily imported transport without complying with the conditions established by the Customs Code of the EAEU, carries an administrative fine of 1.5 thousand to 2.5 thousand rubles with or without confiscation of the vehicle. In addition, the customs takes measures of compulsory collection of customs payments in the amount of the sums payable when the car is released into free circulation. If the amount of unpaid customs payments exceeds 2 million rubles, the offender is criminally liable

In case of irretrievable loss of a temporarily imported vehicle (accident, force majeure), such goods may not be re-exported from the customs territory of the EAEU if the customs authority recognizes the fact of such loss

For information on the rules for importing vehicles for personal use, please visit the website of the Federal Customs Service of Russia in the Individuals section at

Vitaly Blinsky,

Kemerovo Customs spokesman

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