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More than 5,000 packs of illegal cigarettes have been detected by Altai customs officers in Barnaul stores

Published: May 31, 2024 05:03

5,200 packs of cigarettes without mandatory labeling have been found by Altai customs officers in stores in Barnaul since the beginning of this year

The inspection measures were carried out in the framework of control over import and turnover of goods in the domestic market together with employees of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Altai Krai. The facts of illegal storage and sale of tobacco products manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, EU countries, the United Arab Emirates and Russia were revealed. The cigarettes were not labeled with mandatory Data Matrix codes, which is a violation of Russian legislation

In addition, law enforcers found more than 890 electronic cigarettes, 1,800 vials of vape liquid, 123 pieces of nicotine-containing chewing mixture and 13 bottles of alcohol in the trade pavilions of the regional capital. All the banned products were unlabeled.

All the banned products were not labeled

The goods were seized by police officers. Verification measures are being carried out on the facts of its illegal sale

For information:

The mandatory identification marking introduced in Russia allows to automate control over the movement of goods, thus confirming their quality and safety, as well as to ensure fair competition among sellers and reduce the volume of counterfeit goods. With the help of the mobile application “Honest Mark” every consumer can scan the bar code of the goods and read detailed information about them

Alyona Kekina,

Alyona Kekina,

spokeswoman for Altai Customs

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