Saratov customs: criminal cases on the facts of illegal formation of the legal person and illegal use of documents

Saratov customs office filed two criminal cases on signs of the crimes provided by articles 173.1 (illegal formation of a legal entity and 173.2 of the criminal code (illegal use of documents for legal entity).

During preliminary check it is established that in 2018, the inhabitant of the Saratov region have agreed to provide to another person the identity documents for company registration with the tax authorities. 40-year-old man intentionally, illegally, from other interest personally presented the documents to the tax authorities for making entry in the unified state register of legal entities on establishment of the limited liability company. Thus the purpose of real control and the implementation of commercial and economic activity created by the firm he didn’t. As a result, with respect to this front face, a criminal case under article 173.2 of the criminal code.

The second criminal case under article 173.1 of the criminal code are initiated against the citizen for activity on the formation of a fictitious organization, the citizen, who agreed for a fee to become the nominal leader and founder firms.

– Saratov customs has repeatedly excited criminal cases on the facts of illegal education legal persons – said the Deputy chief of the Saratov customs Maxim Beskorovainy. – All the companies were registered on citizens, in fact, unrelated to the activities of these companies. As a rule, the purpose of such criminal schemes, one — illegal economic transactions giving rise to violations of customs, currency and tax laws.


In accordance with article 173.2 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation providing identity document, for inclusion in incorporation of information about the figurehead, constituted the crime. Also, in accordance with article 173.1 of the criminal code, the formation of legal entities through nominees, as well as providing the body carrying out state registration of legal entities, resulting in entering in the register the information about the bogus persons constituted the crime.

Anatoly Poluboyarov,

the press Secretary of the Saratov customs