Samara customs office has summed up the results of foreign trade for the 1st quarter 2020

In the region of the Samara customs since October 1, 2019, enter Samara, Orenburg and Ulyanovsk region.

Foreign trade turnover of goods furnished by the traders, was in these subjects of the Russian Federation amounted to 2 billion 201 million 700 thousand U.S. dollars. The share of exports accounted for about 1 billion 474 million 50 thousand US dollars, and import – 727 million 650 thousand U.S. dollars.

The main commodity groups in the export structure of the Samara region was mineral products and chemical products, rubber; in the structure of exports of enterprises of the Orenburg region was dominated by mineral products and metals, articles thereof. Traders Ulyanovsk region exported mainly “machinery, equipment and vehicles”, as well as chemicals, rubber.

In the commodity structure of imports was dominated by machinery, equipment and vehicles products of chemical industry and rubber, and metals and products from them.

The value of goods furnished on the goods declarations in the Samara customs office for the 1st quarter of 2020, approximately 30 million 300 thousand U.S. dollars. The exports amounted to about 12 million 980 thousand US dollars, import – more than 17 million 320 thousand dollars.

Physical volume (net weight), decorated products has exceeded 3 thousand 830 tons. While the physical volume of exported goods amounted to about 1 thousand 670 tons, the volume of imported goods amounted to more than 2 thousand 160 tons.

Trading partners traders, who carried out customs clearance of goods in the Samara customs in the 1st quarter of 2020 were 31 countries. The largest of them when you export: Republic of Korea, Germany, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, while importing: Italy, China, Netherlands, Germany, Spain.

Daria Metelkina,
the press-Secretary of the Samara customs