Ruslan Davydov a working visit to North-Western customs administration of the

First Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov 20 Feb 2020 called for a working visit to North-Western customs administration (SZTU), which participated in the final Board meeting of SZTU.

The event was also attended by the head of the Main Directorate of customs clearance and customs control of the FCS of Russia Dmitry Zhukov, head of the Main Directorate of customs control after release of goods FCS of Russia Valery Seleznev, the North-Western transport Prosecutor Vladimir Vladimirov, representatives of Executive authorities, law enforcement, law enforcement and other controlling authorities of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the customs authorities SZTU.

Reporting on the results of work in 2019, the head of SZTU About Alexander noted that the control job listings in the Federal budget of the North-West customs control performed at 100,98%. In the past year in the region of export-import operations were carried out over 20 thousand traders.

Ruslan Davydov: “the Task of customs agencies is timely, lawful and full collection of customs payments. Among the customs authorities, which is administered by the import, and this – from the point of view of our professional responsibilities is the most difficult and demanding job, North-West customs administration is the leader. Control transferred to the Federal budget of 690 billion rubles.”

The participants of the meeting discussed the reform of customs administration: in SZTU continues to work on concentration Declaration of the array in the Baltic and St. Petersburg Zadeh, created the North-West e-customs.

Alexander comments: “In 2019, paid great attention to the creation of the Northwest e-customs. Already purchased and currently equipped building for accommodation of electronic customs. Conducted organizational activities related to the transformation of customs in the customs actual control and the formation of the state of e-customs”.

During the visit, Ruslan Davydov visited the new building of the North-West of e-customs and the Baltic CED Baltic customs, and also held a press conference in Agency “Interfax” on “the Reform and digitalisation of customs authorities. The creation of the Northwest e-customs and customs of actual control”.


In 2019, the customs authorities SZTU implemented the levy to the Federal budget of the Russian Federation customs payments for the sum of 689 727,15 million.

Foreign trade turnover in the region of SZTU and built 63,84 billion U.S. dollars. The exports of 20.34 billion US dollars, import – 43.50 billion U.S. dollars.

The increase in turnover of 3.2%, it exceeded 61,36 million tons. Natural volume of exports amounted to 45,30 million tons, imports of 16.06 million tons.

Goods were exported in 174 countries, mainly the Netherlands (13%), Finland (11.4 per cent), China (7.2 per cent), India (6.2 percent), Germany (5.5 percent). The primary products in exports of metals and products from them (31.1 per cent), chemical products (22,7%), wood, pulp and paper products (19.9 percent).

Import of goods was carried out of the 192 countries of the world. The basic countries-contractors in China (24,6%), Germany (7,7%), Japan (4.5 percent), United States (4.3 per cent), the Republic of Korea (4.2 percent). In the commodity structure of import the basic positions are: machinery, equipment and vehicles (40,7%); food products (18.8 per cent); chemical products (17.8 percent). Compared to the 2018 year value of imports of machinery.

In the region of SZTU for 2019 declared goods 20 380 subjects of foreign economic activity (FEA). The number of traders increased by 3.1% (in 2018 – 19 765).

In 2019, the customs authorities of the region instituted criminal cases 429. The main number of criminal cases initiated on contrebandiers of crime – evasion from payment of customs payments (article 194 of the criminal code).

Over the past year seized narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances – 842 770,917 grams, dangerous drugs – 3 grams 855,881.

Just 2019 customs of the North West region initiated 24 573 cases of administrative offenses.


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