Recesses of under clothing

Caches under clothing

More than 300 packs of cigarettes were trying to smuggle the citizens of Abkhazia.

The Sochi customs officers foiled another attempt to illegally move cigarettes from Abkhazia to Russia for the pedestrian component of the customs post MAPP Adler Sochi customs.

When carrying out customs control of individuals from the Republic of Abkhazia to the Russian Federation, the customs officers were suspicious of the volumes and proportions of the human body two women and men, held on the “green corridor”.

In the course of personal customs inspection it was established that one of the women under the clothes, on the body, namely the hips and legs under the tights in a circle with duct tape was assigned to 10 blocks of cigarettes (100 packs).

The other woman under the coats in podobnie fixed with tape was discovered 178 packs of cigarettes. Another citizen was trying to smuggle under jeans, a sweater and a jacket 8 cartons of cigarettes (80 packs), which he also secured with tape on the body.

Residents of Abkhazia explained that he had purchased cigarettes on the market in Sukhum. Hid the goods under the clothes to conceal from customs control, as he knew about the prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of tobacco products across the customs border. The cigarette moved with the purpose of selling in Russia.

Tobacco products seized, samples are sent to the merchandising expertise. Against citizens prosecuted on administrative offenses under part 2 of article 16.1 and article 16.3 Of The Administrative Code Of Russia.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs