Radioactive civilian helicopter revealed the Vladivostok customs

Radioactive civilian helicopter revealed the Vladivostok customs

 Civil helicopter (In.105) exceeding the permissible limits of radiation in 55 times found Vladivostok customs officers in the marine checkpoint Vladivostok. Radiation-dangerous object came from Germany in a container in the address of the Russian company.

According to the chief of Department of customs control of fissile and radioactive materials of the Vladivostok customs Maxim Shesternina, the maximum level of gamma radiation on the surface of the helicopter was more than 5 µsv/h. in addition discovered significant beta radiation. The radiation source was a gear and gear cover tail rotor of the helicopter.

The information was submitted to the sanitary-quarantine Control of Rospotrebnadzor in Primorsky Krai. After evaluation it is established that the radiation emitting part of the helicopter do not meet the basic sanitary rules of ensuring radiation safety, therefore, prohibited for import to the territory of the Eurasian economic Union and shall be re-exported.


From the beginning of 2020 in the region of the Vladivostok customs found a 14 radioactive objects. Earlier, on import direction, the customs officers found 5 radioactive goods from Japan: cars and parts of cars which were prohibited for import into Russia and taken back. However, attempts were made to re-importation of the goods Vladivostok customs officers found and prevented. Exports identified 9 sources of ionizing radiation: switches and measuring devices in the composition of ferrous scrap and compass crew members.


Asya Gentle

press Secretary of the Vladivostok customs

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