Pulkovo customs will be customs actual control

Pulkovo customs will be customs actual control

The Federal customs service of Russia conducted a purposeful work of digitalization of customs processes. The usual structure and technologies of customs bodies undergo many significant changes have been set up customs posts – centers of electronic Declaration (CED) in all regions of the country, and Pulkovo customs in the near future is waiting for the transformation to the customs actual control.

It should be noted that the speed, efficiency, transparency and optimization of committed customs operations – the main advantages of CEDAW. Active implementation of promising customs technologies and automation of committed customs operations contribute to the reduction of terms of their execution and to minimize paperwork, eliminate the human factor and the optimal way to redistribute resources, as the customs authority and participants of foreign economic activity.

In terms of these changes the functionality of Pulkovo customs will be focused on the actual control, and Declaration an array is concentrated in Cadah other customs authorities.

The technology of remote release has long outgrown the stage of experiment and has established itself as a sustainable and efficient scheme of interaction and control that is actively used the Pulkovo customs.

Pulkovo customs proposes to actively apply for declarants of electronic customs Declaration of goods in Zadeh and thereby take advantage of and qualitative changes in the system of customs administration.

Anna Yazkova,
acting head of Department of customs procedures and customs control of Pulkovo customs