Pulkovo customs reminds about the rules of crossing the customs border

Since the beginning of August in Pulkovo airport resumed international flights. For the prevention of offences of customs legislation of the Pulkovo customs reminds the tourists about the rules of crossing the customs border.

– Each passenger must know about the “red” and “green” the corridor, – said the Deputy head of the customs office Airport Pulkovo customs major Artem Zinoviev. “Green” is intended for movement by individuals of goods for personal use are not subject to customs Declaration, and crossing the line of entrance to the “green” corridor is a statement about the absence of goods subject to customs Declaration. “Red” corridor is designed to move goods by individuals for personal use, subject to obligatory customs Declaration. Also in the red corridor, you can optionally declare any goods.

For convenience and reduction of time of customs control, the customs Declaration can be filled in online prior to arriving at the airport. This option is available in the personal Cabinet on the website of the FCS of Russia.

I want to remind that are subject to obligatory declaring of cash and (or) traveller’s cheques, if their total amount transported across the customs border, exceeds the equivalent of 10 thousand U.S. dollars. The Declaration also subject to cultural values, Pets, and other goods for personal use, in respect of which the prohibitions and restrictions and are required to submit separate documents. For example, a shotgun, some medications, objects of flora and fauna, minerals, medals.

– Imported goods for personal use subject to Declaration if their total weight exceeds 50 kilograms and (or) if the cost exceeds 10 thousand Euros, – continues Artem Yurievich. Highly recommend at departure abroad, writing to declare jewelry, various jewelry, watches and other expensive goods. The full list of goods subject to Declaration, can be found on the website of the FCS of Russia and on the stands in Pulkovo airport.

 Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs