Pulkovo customs from the beginning of the year showed on the domestic market, a ton of “sanctions” products

Pulkovo customs on a regular basis conducting customs inspection of premises and territories of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in wholesale and retail trade for the objects of the internal market.

As a result of these events identified food products prohibited for importation into the territory of Russia. Mostly cheeses, dairy products, fish, sausage and similar meat products, the country of origin are the countries of the European Union.

Since the beginning of this year, officials of Department of customs control after release of goods of Pulkovo customs, together with the specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg transport Prosecutor’s office conducted nine customs inspection of premises and territories, which identified 932 kilograms of “sanctions” products.

– Verification activities show that food products imported into Russia under the guise of goods for personal use, and then implemented by individual entrepreneurs in the shops and markets, – the chief of Department of customs control after release of goods the customs major Svetlana Larina.

Conducting a RAID in two retail outlets of the city with colorful lettering “Products of Finland” has identified more than 200 kilograms of “sanctioned” goods. In refrigerators and in the Windows of a small commercial departments of a wide range of different products that have migrated from the stores of Finland to the sales counters of St. Petersburg.

– It is important in this situation is that any shipping documents, confirming safety of products, compliance with the technical regulations do not exist, – commented Svetlana Larina.

Such goods shall be withdrawn from the trade network and subsequent destruction.

Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs