Pskovskaya tamozhnya: traffic remains stable

Pskov customs: turnover remains stable

Despite the new conditions associated with the global spread of the virus COVID-19, freight traffic via the vehicle checkpoints in the Pskov region remains stable.

In compliance with health regulations there has been a slight increase in the time of customs clearance and customs control of goods transported by vehicles of international transportation. In this regard, customs officials are taking measures to reduce the time spent solely on additional actions that emerged during this period.

Submission of documents to the customs authority and issuing of documents are performed with precautions to reduce the risk of infection COVID-19. All officials of customs offices provided with personal protective equipment and disinfectants. On an ongoing basis monitor the health status of employees of customs posts. At checkpoints organized alert drivers about the rules of conduct.

The management of customs in weekend and weekdays checked the work of officials at all border customs posts, their provision with individual means of protection.

The situation at checkpoints stable. In the daily mode tracked requires a redistribution of officers to operational shifts from less congested areas to areas where there is an increase in the load. All the procedures of customs clearance and customs control shall be carried out at automobile checkpoints on the actual arrival of vehicles. Under existing conditions, is ensured not only smooth functioning of the customs offices, monitoring of the transported goods, but also compliance with sanitary norms and rules for preserving the health of customs officers and participants of foreign economic activity.

All the checkpoints in the Pskov region are operating normally.

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs