Pskov customs: single trip – multiple violations

At the customs post MAPP (multilateral automobile checkpoint) Burachki Pskov customs at the Russian-Latvian border, an infringement of the customs legislation of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

The citizen of the Russian Federation, moving on customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union on the passenger vehicle did not submit the customs Declaration in the floating of its products. Submission of a passenger customs Declaration must be accompanied by submission to customs authority of documents confirming the declared information, including documents confirming the observance of prohibitions and restrictions.

As a result of customs clearance of goods moved across the customs border by natural persons for personal use in the Luggage compartment of the vehicle revealed 11 litres of undeclared wine and beer, a jar of honey, 241 packaging of seed produced in Germany, USA, the Netherlands and the UK, and Packed in a box bracelet metal yellow “BVLGARI”.

The import of seed and planting material is not allowed without a phytosanitary certificate, issued by the authorized body for plant quarantine of the exporting country and (or) the country of re-exporter.

Honey is a commodity subject to veterinary control. The importation of honey without the presentation of a veterinary certificate issued by the competent authority, is not allowed.

The import of seeds and honey without permits citizen is prohibited. Products, subject to phytosanitary and veterinary control (seeds and honey), returned to the neighbouring territory.

From abroad is prohibited to import more than 5 liters of alcoholic beverages and beer. The alcohol level is more than 3 litres required in the Declaration and for each litre in excess of to pay customs duties, taxes in the amount of 10 euros per 1 liter.

Without payment of customs duties allowed to import goods for personal use of ground transportation in the amount not higher than 500 euros total weight not exceeding 25 kg.

Bracelet sent for examination to determine the market value.

Concerning the citizen of the Russian Federation filed two cases on administrative offences.

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs