Pskov customs: about the rules of “sanctions” transit

Pskov customs clarifies rules for transit of goods included in the sanctions list.

March 6, 2020 by the Ministry of transport decided to authorize the “Center of development of digital platforms” to work on the imposition (removal) of electronic navigational seals for the movement of goods within the “sanctions” list, transit through the territory of the Russian Federation.

The government of the Russian Federation from December 27,
2019 No. 1877 approved the rules in accordance with which the carrier is willing to carry transit “sanctioned” product, must, not later than 2 hours before crossing the border to warn the operator of the system informing him of the details, about the registration number of the vehicle, the cargo, and putting the planned date of entry to the Russian Federation and departure from its territory. In turn, all these data, the operator reports to the customs authority.

At the same time to enter Russia in the region of Pskov customs road transport is possible through two checkpoints – checkpoint Ubylinka (Russian-Latvian border) and MAPP Burachki (Russian-Latvian border) and the train – through checkpoint Posing (Russian-Latvian border) and checkpoint Pechory-Pskov (Russian-Estonian border).

– It is necessary to note that the use of vehicles in various modifications, as specified in the Government Decree No. 1877 which do not provide for the exclusion of access to goods without violating the integrity of electronic navigational fillings are not allowed, – said head of control over customs transit service of the customs control organization Olga Cogline. – Clarify that “sanctions” are not only food products produced on the territory of EU countries, USA and other countries, announced the introduction in 2014 of sanctions against Russia, but goods produced in Ukraine or have passed in transit through its territory.

Reference: detailed information can be found on the website of the operator of the filling In addition, operator-hour support line: 8 800 550 4334 or +7 499 755 4334 e-mail:

 Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs