Perm customs has summed up the results of customs control after release of goods for 2019

By results of work of divisions of customs control after release of goods of the Perm customs over the past year brought 69 cases of AP. According to the materials of the customs checks 4 criminal cases: 1 – for evasion from payment of customs duties, 1 for the illegal movement across the customs border of psychotropic substances, 2 – on the facts of illegal moving through customs border of the lumber.

Head of control after release of goods of the Perm customs Alexei Kravchenko said: “the Story of 2019 was conducting customs inspections on control of customs value of exported timber, in part the non-inclusion in the customs value of costs. In this direction during the year, held three customs inspection. The overall result was as follows: the additional customs payments and penalties in the amount of 2 750,11 thousand rubles., collected customs duties and penalties in the amount of 858,45 thousand RUB, initiated 41 case on an administrative offence as regards 2 articles 16.2 of KoAP of Russia, imposed penalties in the amount of 1 thousand RUB 017,68 against persons related to the audited entity, opened 4 cases on administrative offences under part 3 of article 16.12 of the administrative code of Russia”.

In cooperation with other agencies during the year carried out a complex of measures aimed to prevent trafficking in banned products. Seized and destroyed 237 3 kg of prohibited import goods, total trade turnover of seized and destroyed 4 243 kg of sanctions and not marked products.

During one of the inspection the violation of rules of realization of 45 pieces of leather and fur. Opened 3 cases on administrative offences on the facts of sale of articles of fur and leather without the required marking control and identification signs , violation by the seller of requirements of technical regulations, violations of the procedure for the sale of products subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity, imposed a fine of 45 thousand roubles with confiscation of identified fur products for the sum of 2 190,50 thousand rubles.

In respect of intellectual property of persons engaged in wholesale-retail trade in goods conducted customs inspections, in which in conjunction with the Perm transport Prosecutor’s office of trade turnover confiscated 42 units of counterfeit goods. Opened 2 cases on administrative offences, imposed a fine of 20 thousand rubles. The goods confiscated.

By results of the conducted customs inspections was assessed customs duties and penalties in the amount of 169 million 103 thousand rubles. The Federal budget lists of 188.00 million.

Angela Belyaeva,
press Secretary of the Perm customs